The Empty Chair

In many traditions, groups and cultures an empty chair is symbolic.  In the Jewish Passover a chair is left empty for the anticipated arrival of the Prophet Elijah.  In many twelve step groups an empty chair is left for the person who needs to be there but has yet to admit their need.  Or who have and left.  When Jesus shared a last meal with his disciples, an empty chair remained once Judas the betrayer departed.  Some family members will leave an empty chair at a table during a family gathering for a recently deceased loved one.

This blog is for all those who are out there, who are needed to fill a chair.  The lost, the lonely, the hurting, the grieving, the distracted, the rejected and abused, the slaves to pleasure and pain.  Those who hearts have been broken and those with broken bodies.

This is also for those who don’t think we need a chair, or need the person to fill the chair beside us.  Perhaps our need is just as great.  Surrounded by friends, we feel alone.  Outwardly happy but hurting within.  Laughing with others, crying when alone.  It’s a hurting world but no one sees your hurt.

For all those who need encouragement, a touch of love, a hearing ear and an outreached, this if for you.  For He heals the broken hearted, and hears the hurting soul.

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